Filthy Habits Ensemble – Gruesome Routines

Discordian Records

Pablo Selnik: Flute, Euphoric Pig Noises
El Pricto: Clarinet
Agustí Martínez: Alto Sax and Clarinet
Don Malfon: Alto Sax
Tom Chant: Tenor Sax
Jo Miramontes: Synthesizer
Director Wlkins: Electric Guitar
Sebi Suarez: Electric Bass
Vasco Trilla (Thriller): Drums

Composed, arranged and conducted by El Pricto

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Discordian Community Ensemble – Desierto Impecable Vol​.​1

Discordian Records

Iván García: vocals
Natsuko Sugao: trumpet
Pol Padrós: trumpet
Tom Chant: tenor saxophone
Don Malfon: baritone saxophone
Pablo Rega: electric guitar
Núria Andorrà: marimba
Vasco Trilla: drums and percussion

“El Capricho de Seward” composed and conducted by Owen Kilfeather
“56 Huskies” composed and conducted by Xesc Llompart
“Afuera”, “En Nome” and “Pescado Congelado” composed and conducted by El Pricto

Libretto and imagery by Patillas Black i.p. in letters to Daniel Jove
Lyrization by Daniel Jove

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Filthy Habits Ensemble – Plays Stravinsky

Discordian Records

A reconstruction/arrangement of some of the pieces of the Suite of
L´Histoire Du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky

Filthy Habits Ensemble at this point in space/time were:

Pablo Selnik: Flute
El Pricto: Clarinet and Conduction
Don Malfon: Alto Saxophone
Tom Chant: Tenor Saxophone
Natsuko Sugao: Trumpet
Jo Miramontes: Piano
Sebi Suárez (McKayhan): Electric Bass
Vasco Trilla aka Thriller: Drums

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Discordian Community Riot! – Live in Barcelona 12·21·12

Discordian Records

This is a recording of the first edition of Discordian Community Riot!!! a festival dedicated to the exposure of bands/musicians from the avant-garde musical scene in Barcelona that have recorded for Discordian Records.

The festival was co-produced with Arco y Flecha Productions, a promoting force behind many international artists that come to Barcelona to bring and influence us with their ideas and music.

Apart from being a memorable date due to its relation with the Mayan “End of time”, it was also a great concert celebrating the gathering and communal cooperation of many musicians and promoters from Barcelona’s musical underground.

This album shows only some pieces/fragments of what originally was a 4 hour concert, and is dedicated to all the musicians and promoters who gave their share to make it happen! THANK YOU!!!

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Banda d’Improvisadors de Barcelona – Banda d’Improvisadors de Barcelona

La Olla Expréss

La BIB (Banda d’Improvisadors de Barcelona) , va sorgir gràcies a la iniciativa de’n Serapi Soler, (Ass. Cabaret Hofmann) el 2008. En l’actualitat vinvulats a l’Ass. Cult. La Olla Expréss (editors de l’inminent disc enregistrat en col·laboració l’Auditori de Barcelona, on intervé a més el pianista Agutí Fernàndez)
La B.I.B. està formada per un nucli fix de músics i un d’obert tant a músics com a artistes d’altres disciplines, treballant la lliure improvisació construint i estructurant temes musicals en el mateix instant en que estan essent interpretats, un procés creatiu basat en l’acció-reacció, on es generen autèntiques obres en temps real.
És també un ensemble d’artistes de llarga trajectòria que assoleixen amb el treball col·lectiu una experiència creativa única alhora que un espectacle fascinant i màgic en la combinació dels seus talents individuals.
Els timbres inusuals i el concepte en que s’hi basen, construeixen un mon d’aire, una autèntica aventura auditiva i visual en mans del director i compositor Pablo Rega.
Amb la flexibilitat i l’energia d’una orquesta de jazz i la brillantor i el misteri de la música contemporània, espurnes de poesia recitada i fonètica, pinzellades de sonoritats “antigues” (Marc Egea, viola de roda) i diversos multiinstrumentistes, la BIB és la representant d’una generació d’artistes que han basat
la seva trajectòria en la curiositat i la recerca constants, on conflueixen modernitat, experimentació, sobrietat i humor, generant una conversa enèrgica, on les idees sorgeixen i es canalitzen sense pudor.
Última formació en concert (Concert a L’Auditori, 16/11/2012, Fest. NoNoLogic):

Pablo Rega: Direcció
Agustí Fernàndez: Piano
Alfonso Muñoz: Saxo Bariton
Daniel Domínguez: Bateria
Eduard Altaba: Contrabaix & Baix Elèctric
Frances Bartlet: Violoncel
Ignacio Lois: Guitarra Elèctrica & Teclat
John Williams: Saxo Bariton & Trombó
Marc Egea: Viola De Roda
Olga Ábalos: Saxo Alt & Flauta Travessera
Pope: Trompeta
Javier Carmona: Bateria
Tino Regueira: Guitarra Elèctrica
Tom Chant: Saxo Soprano & Clarinet Baix
Ferran Besalduch: Saxo baix
Manolo Lopez: Contrabaix
Eli Gras: Management

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The Cinematic Orchestra – Presents In Motion # 1

Motion Audio / Ninja Tune

“A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction.” – Stanley Kubrick

Jason Swinscoe of The Cinematic Orchestra has long been intrigued by the link between vision and sound. From TCO’s re-soundtracking of Man With A Movie Camera, through his “soundtrack to an imaginary film,” Ma Fleur, to his band’s name itself, Swinscoe has continued to pick away at the issues and emotions found at this intersection. With In Motion #1 he continues this process by inviting some of his favourite musicians and producers to provide soundtracks to or musical re-imaginings of seminal work by great avant-garde film-makers.

Responding to visuals which run from René Clair’s surrealist classic “Entr’acte” (The Cinematic Orchestra) right up to Peter Tscherkassky’s “Outer Space” (Dorian Concept & Tom Chant), the musicians wrote for and worked with a string quartet to create music of remarkable emotional reach. The results are so vivid, so complex yet immediate, that they can be enjoyed as freestanding pieces in their own right.

The first of a series of releases curated by Jason Swinscoe for Motion Audio, the artists involved run from LA-based pianist Austin Peralta, through the Grey Reverend in New York, to Dorian Concept in Austria and Tom Chant and the other members of TCO in London.

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Lovecraft’s Aunts – The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward

Discordian Records

Luiz Espiga: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Agustí Martínez: Alto Sax
Albert Cirera: Tenor Sax on 1, 2 and 4
Tom Chant: Tenor Sax on 3 and 5
Don Malfon: Baritone Sax
Pere Masafret: Trombone
Miguel Serna: Double Bass
Vasco Trilla: Drums

All music composed and conducted by El Pricto

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Sin Anestesia – Sin Anestesia En Directo!

Discordian Records

Tom Chant: Soprano Sax (L)
Liba Villvecchia: Soprano Sax (R)
Agusti Martinez: Alto Sax (L)
El Pricto: Alto Sax (R)
Pep Pascual: Tenor Sax (L)
Miguel “Pintxo” Villar: Tenor Sax (R)
Lluis Valles: Baritone Sax (L)
Don Malfon: Baritone Sax (R)
Ferran Besalduch: Bass Sax (C)

Recorded live on October 27 of 2011, at LEM Festival Barcelona, Spain

Composed, conducted, recorded and mixed by El Pricto

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