Tom Chant / Michał Dymny / Vasco Trilla – Ban-Opticon

Discordian Records

This is the second recorded and released session from the series of concerts entitled “Nocturna Discordia” that Discordian Records organizes every Wednesday since 2014 at Soda Acústic, Barcelona.

Tom Chant: tenor and soprano saxophones
Michał Dymny: electric guitar
Vasco Trilla: drums

Recorded live on March 7, 2018 at Nocturna Discordia #157 (Soda Acústic, Barcelona) by El Pricto.

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Tom Chant – Stripped Abstract

Hairy Ear Records

This piece is an exploration of one single vaguely defined state. A state of suspension. Or bodies suspended, each vibrating to it’s own unique frequency.

The form of the piece is the state. The music is a description of the state, through sound. The performers are also the suspended bodies. And each body experiences a fluctuating state of internal tension in the act of describing this unchanging stasis.
released November 21, 2017

Núria Andorrà: bass drum/rice
Tom Chant: soprano saxophone
Ferran Fages: acoustic guitar/ebow
Ángel Faraldo: no-input mixing desk/cardboard boxes
Ramon Prats: snare drum
Alex Reviriego: double bass
Vasco Trilla: cymbal/magnetic tape

Recorded Wednesday 7th June 2017 at Església de Sant Romà de Miànigues, Banyoles, Spain.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lopinski

Cover art by Benedict Drew

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Memoria Uno – Sons Of Liberty. Live at Granollers

Multikulti Project/Spontaneous Music Tribune Series

There it is, the third album – after Crisis and Cook For Butch – of an amazing group of Iván González Memoria Uno. The name says everything about the author’s intentions and does so in virtually every language in the world. The group was formed to form the world of new exciting music, keeping in mind the multidimensional history of the art of improvisation, composition and directing, drawing from it, with enormous enthusiasm.

Every concert of Memoria Uno is a unique event both, due to the fact that the members of the orchestra change month to month, but also due to the personal and instrumental size, applied improvisation techniques, accumulation of musical personalities responsible for the final effect.

Ivan picks musicians for Memoria Uno who know his working methods well, but who at the same time are proficient enough improvisers to deal with every stage situation. The concert with Granollers proves it in its every second.

If the phenomenon of group improvisation has for years been the London Improvisers Orchestra, then the case of Memoria Uno proves that the competition on the European music scene is growing at a supersonic speed.

Before the original listening of this recording, you will not be provided with an extensive perception manual. Too many words could significantly limit your imagination. Immediately launch this disc and let every sound be a surprise!

Iván González, conduction
Julián Sánchez & Pol Padrós, trumpets
Tom Chant & Albert Cirera, tenor and soprano saxophones
Alfonso Munoz, alto and baritone saxophones
Christer Böthén, bass clarinet
Pablo Rega, guitar
Agustí Fernández, piano
Johannes Nästesjö & Alex Reviriego, doublebass
Núria Andorra, percussion
Oriol Roca & Ramon Prats, drums
Sonia Sánchez, dance in Conducción #77 ( Part V and Part VI)

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Finis Africae Mixtape vol 1

Finis Africae

Aquesta és la nostra primera mixtape on es recullen músiques dels primers dos anys de vida de Finis Africae.
Dels dels primers concerts que vam organitzar encara sense nom pel col.lectiu , que van ser al Convent de Sant Agustí i a l’Hangar i que juntament amb LaIsla , La Farinera, La Maceta o el Koitton Club han vist com apostàvem decididament per la música variada i oculta. I un exemple és el menú del K7. Moltes gràcies a tots els participants per haver construït dos anys de música majúscula escrita en lletra petita.
La Perfecció és Feixista!

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Memoria Uno – Cook For Butch

Discordian Records


(Left Channel)
Valentín Murillo: flutes
Marcel·lí Bayer: alto sax, bass clarinet
Albert Cirera: tenor and soprano sax
Julián Sánchez: trumpet
Àlex Reviriego: doublebass
Ramon Prats: drums

(Center Channel)
Marco Mezquida: piano

(Right Channel)
Oriol Fontclara: alto and baritone sax
Tom Chant: tenor and soprano sax
Pol Padrós: trumpet
Frédéric Filiatre: trombone
Marc Cuevas: doublebass
Oriol Roca: drums

Conducted by Iván González

Track 4 co-conducted by Albert Cirera

“Bingo” game piece by Albert Cirera

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Discordian Community Orchestra – Ten Miles to Bisbee

Discordian Records


María Teresa Lozano: soprano
Santi Caballero: flute
El Pricto: clarinet
Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet
Agustí Martínez: alto sax
Tom Chant: tenor sax
Clara Canimas: bassoon
Marc García: french horn
Andrés Acebes: trumpet
Frédéric Filiatre: trombone
Lucas Suárez: electric guitar, banjo & lapsteel
Manel Miralles: prepared guitar
Joanna Miramontes: piano
Vasco Trilla: percussion
Owen Kilfeather: percussion
Núria Andorrà: marimba/percussion
Julia Álvaro, Isaac Bachs, Adriana González,
Clara Núria Joan Marí: violins
Agnès Ruiz, Elena Martínez: violas
Laura Isbert, Marta Pons: cellos
Johannes Nästesjö: double bass

EXT. Canyon, Dom & Bob (V.O.) and The Escape composed and conducted by Javier Bayón; Ten Miles to Bisbee – Main Theme and POV: Final Judgement composed by Javier Bayón and Iván Cester, conducted by Javier Bayón;
The Ghost Goes West composed and conducted by Owen Kilfeather; Any Old Macaroni composed and conducted by El Pricto.

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